« Miguel Serdoura, the new prince of the lute. » Ernst Van Bek, Classiquenews.com, 2011, France

By Appoggiature, January 12th 2012 - www.appoggiature.net



There is nothing more demanding, and in danger of seeming too intellectual, than to prepare and perform a lute recital at such a high level.

What then can be said of two recitals! In but two years, the young virtuoso Miguel Yisrael, has given us two admirable baroque lute recordings, "Les Baricades Mistérieuses", and "The Court of Bayreuth", and is now preparing another one for next April 2012, devoted to the Austrian school, "Austria 1676".

The present "Bayreuth" recording is essentially structured around two composers, Falckenhagen and Hagen, the first having no doubt transmitted to the second a part of the legacy that he himself received from Silvius Leopold Weiss.

A courtly art, of infinite refinement – dare we say, “précieux” – owing so much to the French culture with which Margravine Wilhelmine, sister of Frederic II of Prussia, was so enamoured ; but also, in many ways, influenced by the specifically German Empfindsamkeit (Sensitivity), which eventually lead to pre-romanticism. A challenging project which our « Instrumentalist of the Year 2011 » is clearly capable of carrying through.

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