NEWS - Worldwide Lute Revival is Underway

Worldwide Lute Revival is Underway, From Paris to Philadelphia and China

NEWS : Artist Interview - Miguel Yisrael

Philadelphia Chamber Music Society: Before he makes his PCMS debut on March 7 of 2014, Miguel graciously answered a few questions about his program, his musical training and pedagogy and his hand made Cezar Mateus lute.

NEWS : Lutenist Miguel Yisrael Makes an Auspicious American Debut

Reviewed at Benjamin Franklin Hall, American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia on March 7th of 2014

NEWS : Lute melancholy from Austria

Review of the CD "Austria 1676"  : Kare Eskola, Svenska YLE - Finnish Broadcasting Company

NEWS : Interview with Miguel Serdoura, about the lute in France in the 17th century

Interview with Miguel Serdoura lutenist, about his new cd: “The Kings of Versailles »